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How the empire degraded Britain

New Statesman 24 Jun 2022
The 1760-61 uprisings in Jamaica were in part extensions of wars in West Africa; their leaders had been experienced combatants and commanders captured and sold on to slavers for transportation to the Caribbean ... Brown shows the expansion of plantation capitalism working hand in ...

Gullah Geechee: A people, a culture, a way of life: West African-descended culture celebrated at ...

The Chester News & Reporter 21 Jun 2022
“When they were brought onto the plantation, the materials changed and also in West Africa, the men made the baskets and when they came to the plantations the older women began to make the baskets, because the men were put into the fields to work,” he said.

Grenada: Confronting my family’s slave-owning past

Joy Online 12 May 2022
The artefact, usually housed in the island’s national museum, would have been used on a slave ship on the infamous middle passage from West Africa to the Caribbean ... This is where the slave ships docked from West Africa, and the enslaved emerged from their arduous journey to be sold and begin life on the plantations.

Tracking agricultural-related deforestation

Phys Dot Org 05 May 2022
Spotlight on cocoa plantations ... Findings to support this article partially come from a recently published study in which the authors identified cocoa plantations in both Ivory Coast and Ghana using satellite data from the Copernicus program ... How the cocoa industry could end deforestation in West Africa.

Georgetown County's natural beauty intertwined with its history

The Post and Courier 22 Apr 2022
The enslaved workers who planted the crops, tended them over many years and created the indigo and rice plantations brought their skills from Africa and the West Indies to Georgetown County. Today, there are more than a dozen golf courses that are built on lands that at one time had been Indigo or rice plantations.

Georgetown known for history and small town charm

The Post and Courier 22 Apr 2022
Christopher Gadsden — called by some people the “Sam Adams of the South” — owned what is today Beneventum Plantation a few miles north of Georgetown ... Many of those people had come from Africa or from the West Indies and already knew what was necessary to make the rice culture successful in Georgetown County.

From Chief Takyi to folk hero Tacky

The Gleaner 13 Apr 2022
The Gold Coast (modern-day Ghana) was one of the places in West Africa to which Europeans would go to procure people to take them back to the West Indies to enslave them on plantations. One of the biggest ethnic groups there was the Akan in which... .

Red gold: the rise and fall of West Africa's palm oil empire

Beijing News 23 Mar 2022
With the exception of "royal" oil palm plantations, established in the 18th century for palm wine in the Kingdom of Dahomey, all of West Africa's oil palms grew in wild and semi-wild groves ... plantations, thus ending West Africa's position as the global hub of palm oil production.

William and Kate face protests as they arrive in Jamaica

ITV 22 Mar 2022
A protest about Britain’s ties to Jamaica has been staged just before Prince William and Kate touched down in the country ... Credit. Advocates Network/{A ... The Royal Rota ... Britain seized this Caribbean island from the Spanish in 1655 and started a plantation economy based on sugar and cocoa – farms on which slaves from West Africa were forced to work ... PA ... .

‘A Slow Motion Version of the Death Penalty’: Why Harvard Shouldn’t Invest In Prisons

The Harvard Crimson 22 Mar 2022
In early 1971, Terrell Don Hutto was the warden on a cotton plantation the size of Manhattan ... Academics flocked to Texas to document the old slave songs, reaching back to West Africa, that rang out on its prison plantations. In the 1960s, plantation prisons brought Texas $14.7 million annually in today’s dollars.

Gullah Geechee Culture Celebrated at Arboretum

Jacksonville Free Press 23 Feb 2022
Historically the Gullah Geechee people are descendants of Africans who were enslaved on�the rice, indigo and Sea Island cotton plantations of the lower Atlantic coast and originated from the region of West Africa ... Anastatia Ketchen is a legacy keeper of the Gullah Geechee culture ... Photos by Rep. Glenda Simmons Jenkins. .

MP watchdog investigates Conservative Andrew Bridgen over donation

BBC News 11 Feb 2022
The MP for North West Leicestershire contacted the Africa Minister Andrew Stephenson to raise concerns about problems the company, which is UK registered, was having in being recognised by HMRC. The company later made a donation to Mr Bridgen's local North West Leicestershire Conservative Association.

‘Riveted’: A controversial history of denim jeans from slavery to big biz

New York Post 07 Feb 2022
Denim’s traditional blue color came from indigo — a temperamental tropical plant native to the Caribbean and West Africa — which the enslaved men and women, who came from these regions, taught plantation owners how to grow.

Douglas Brouwer: No more 'discomfort' in our schools!

Cheyboygan Daily Tribune 04 Feb 2022
Is discomfort OK, if it helps us learn important truths? ... I read that and wondered if “discomfort” had played a role in my education over the years ... Many times ... From 1501 to 1866, an estimated 12.5 million people were shipped from the west coast of Africa to the Americas, where they were put to work, primarily on sugar and tobacco plantations ... .

Nestlé to pay cocoa growers to keep children in school

Business Day 30 Jan 2022
... or in illegal cocoa plantations in protected forests, both of which are common in West Africa...

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