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Tropical forest loss from growing rubber trade is more substantial than previously thought, research finds

Phys Dot Org 23 Nov 2023
Over 4 million hectares of tree cover—an area equivalent to the size of Switzerland—may have been cleared to make space for rubber plantations since the 1990s ... But we also noted instances of other plantation types and agricultural systems transitioning to rubber ... Ivory Coast in west Africa emerged as a new hotspot for expanding rubber plantations.

Tropical forest loss from growing rubber trade is more substantial than previously thought – new research

The Conversation 21 Nov 2023
dangdumrong/Shutterstock Over 4 million hectares of tree cover – an area equivalent to the size of Switzerland – may have been cleared to make space for rubber plantations since the 1990s ... A rubber plantation in southern Thailand ... Ivory Coast in west Africa emerged as a new hotspot for expanding rubber plantations.

Addressing the past

Gulf Today 02 Nov 2023
European traders bought slaves in West Africa and transported them to the Americas where they were sold and worked on cotton, coffee, sugar, and cocoa plantations and in mines, construction, and households as domestic servants ... British pressure on other countries ended the slave trade from Africa ... Kenya was a major strategic asset in Africa.

Akron seeks funds to raze Firestone Building, Morley Health Center and other aging buildings

Akron Beacon Journal 29 Oct 2023
Firestone Tire and Rubber Co., a company whose namesakes went from cornering the buggy tire market to setting up rubber plantations in West Africa, revolutionized the rubber industry by applying racing tire designs to common vehicle tires and inspiring the national highway system and modern trucking industry by pioneering the shipment of goods.

Consider Fair Trade in Halloween choices

Cleburne Times-Review 27 Oct 2023
This Halloween choose Fair Trade chocolate to give to trick or treaters. Did you know that most mainstream chocolate comes from cocoa plantations in West Africa where forced child labor has been documented? ... You can find Equal Exchange mini chocolates at St. Peter Co-op ... Jane Dow ... ....

Plans to cover area larger than Sikkim with palm oil plantations

Hindustan Times 19 Oct 2023
Palm oil plantations have had devastating consequences for the biodiversity in parts of Indonesia and Malaysia (Shutterstock) ... plantation in the northeastern states ... Many vast monocrop oil palm plantations have displaced tropical forests across Asia, Latin America and West Africa.

The legendary Queen Nanny

The Gleaner 10 Oct 2023
NOT MUCH is known about Nanny of the Maroon’s early years on Earth. But the story is that she was from West Africa, from where many people were taken to the West Indies to work on various plantations under subhuman conditions. But there are also... .

What to know about Liberia’s presidential election

Al Jazeera 10 Oct 2023
... the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) ... He also attended a US-Africa leader’s summit in Washington ... Mild-mannered, but determined, he harvested latex for American rubber giant Firestone Plantation, working as a janitor while studying at the College of West Africa.

Leadership Made in Africa with Modupe TAYLOR-PEARCE: Betraying Africa

B & FT Online 05 Oct 2023
The Portuguese entrepreneurs would dock their boats along the coast of West Africa, hide in the weeds and wait for unsuspecting Africans to come to the water to bathe or perform ablution for evening Muslim prayers, and then attack them, subdue them and take them back to their ...

Justin C. Key Wants You to Learn From Fear

New York Observer 12 Sep 2023
Adesokash, a Black woman warrior from a fictional West African kingdom, shows up in multiple tales ... I imagine it’s rooted in West Africa, so I started looking at some of the culture and religious practices there to create something true to that but also not voyeuristic.

Whispers of Injustice: Socfin’s decade of legal battle echoing in communities across Cameroon

B & FT Online 28 Aug 2023
Startling showcase the unsettling consequence of industrial palm and rubber plantations across the expanse of West and Central Africa, witnessing the loss of nearly 52,000 hectares of ecologically rainforest since the turn of the century—equivalent to an expanse 16 times the size of Brussels.

Gov. DeSantis benefits from bashing Black history | Opinion

NJ 07 Aug 2023
A deeper exploration of how Africans contributed to America reveals that slave hunters went to areas of Africa known for having specific skill sets ... Plantation owners purchased slaves from the traditional rice-growing region of West Africa, stretching from Senegal to Sierra Leone and Liberia to help them cultivate crops and create their wealth ... Dr.

First English slave fort in Africa uncovered on Ghana's coast

Yahoo Daily News 01 Aug 2023
These remnants point to the existence of "the first English outpost established anywhere in Africa", he argues ... It was also a brief holding point for those who had been kidnapped in different parts of West Africa before being shipped to the Caribbean to work in plantations to develop the sugar economy.

Charleston musuem sets historical record straight

The Scranton Times-Tribune 19 Jul 2023
Within the museum, curators treat Charleston as the funnel of Black culture, showing how people from West Africa were forced onto plantations, how distinct cultures were amalgamated into a general Blackness and how Black life was carried north and west into every corner of the United States.

Billionaire Tyler Perry vows to help woman, 93, fight to keep her South Carolina home ...

The Daily Mail 01 Jul 2023
They wanted to buy her land, but she refused ... 'I've been pretty much a fighter all my life,' she said ... He wrote ... Her husband was a Gullah Geechee Islander, descendants of Africans who were enslaved on the rice, indigo and Sea Island cotton plantations of the lower Atlantic coast along the Carolinas. Many came from rice-growing regions of West Africa ... .

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